Friday, January 30, 2009

The Cowboy Breakfast

So I heard about this "Cowboy Breakfast" from my editor on the Ranger, Tricia. She said it's one huge breakfast buffet where everything is free. It kicks off the Rodeo in San Antonio at 4:30 in the morning! So I decided I'd go shoot it, I'm on that side of town, and it may actually be fun...and it was! Seeing thousands of people lined up to get as much free food as possible was a first for me, and there were many other nice surprises during my 6:00 am assignment (the earliest photo assignment I've had, I believe) An article on said the "breakfast items included about 40,000 tortillas, 320 pounds of eggs, 10,000 brats, 10,000 biscuits and 125 gallons of gravy." -- That's a lot of food!

Events like this make me proud to live in America, where it's all about the food!

Bahram Mark Sobhani of the San Antonio Express-News!

This year the breakfast was held in the Lowe's parking lot at the Rim

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