Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Comparisons and Contrasts

This man, a restaurant manager at Zio's, wears a personality of Spongebob and West Coast Choppers:

Father and Son. Hair bright with age, dark with youth. They share a life of laughter.

He looked at the camera and she at him, and you could see that they were like the dancers, celebrating their love for each other. The one semi-decent photo I was able to snap at the
rehearsal dinner of my cousins Micah and Sarah Sagebiel:

Perhaps this connection was made out my feeling ill at the time, but this is what photography is all about: seeing more and feeling something more because of it. The caption is a great place to express that :-)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kelley & Aaron Miller's Wedding

I'm no wedding photographer, but being one for a day gave me a new level of admiration for the work they do. Making pictures during the ceremony was intense but thrilling, and my efforts to add a story-teller's touch to the happiest day of Kelley and Aaron Miller's life together were not unrewarded!

All of the photos can be viewed/purchased through snapfish (flickr)

Click the picture to view a slideshow of my favorites: