Thursday, November 27, 2008

Semester Portfolio

This is a slide-show of my best photographs from my first semester. It has been the greatest learning experience working for the Ranger, a newspaper which several Express-News photographers began their careers, and I look forward to more fun next semester!

Ratama Park

It's a whole different world out there at Ratama Park, in Selma Texas. A community of people ride horses as a way of life, to carry a family tradition and pass on the legacy. Eat, drink, sleep, ride horses. And the photographers who capture those moments on the track are a whole other story. I was invited by Molly Johnson to the track to see what it was like, and it didn't take long to see how challenging yet rewarding it can be. There's only one race to get that shot, with only 20 minutes to run back (Molly just walks like a 7-footer), upload, take orders, print, and run out again exactly 3 minutes before gun-shot. The amount of work is really hard to describe, because with 9 to 11 races per night, and at least 30 orders, things get backed up and time slips away from you. Molly's assistant photographer Marcus is always there to make the night less stressful with plenty to laugh about. The more I was out on the track taking pictures, the more I fell in love with the place for the fast-paced action, friendly people, and unique culture to witness and be a part of. However it was disappointing that I wouldn't be able to stay longer and work, as my schedule during the season is just too busy. Maybe one day. Regardless, it was a great learning experience and I thank Molly for the gracious opportunities she has given me!

Cramer, dinner, and horse racing...who knew?

MJ on the track



Dancing happens alot

You can't win them all

Friday, November 14, 2008

Honoring Those Who Serve

(Tyler Cleveland/Ranger Staff)
Members of the Fox Academic and Technical High School JROTC and Navy recruiter Matthew Stone speak with World War II veteran Rudolph P. David and his family before the Phi Theta Kappa tree planting and Veterans Day ceremony Tuesday north of the academic instruction complex.

(Tyler Cleveland/Ranger Staff)

(Tyler Cleveland/Ranger Staff)
Santo Randazzo, PTK scholarship officer, hugs Vice President Tara Haley at a Veterans Day celebration. Randazzo’s grandfather, who recently died, served in World War II, following in his father’s footsteps in WWI.

(Tyler Cleveland/Ranger Staff)
Vietnam veteran Tom Bell and date Terri Brito watch an outdoor showing of “Swing Vote” in
the mall Nov. 7 sponsored by the Public Administration Club and student life. Bell and Brito agreed that events like this make the night something special.

(Tyler Cleveland/Ranger Staff)
Billy Swatzell laughs with his wife Effel during an outdoor showing of "Swing Vote" at San Antonio College on Friday, Nov. 7. Swatzel served in the Korean Conflict and flew helicopters as a Medivac in the Vietnam War.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Picture Your World

It's always fun to get out and take some nature photos, especially out on a ranch in great Texas fall weather. I attended a nature-photography workshop with Bexar Land Trust last Sunday morning, skipping the bigger kids session in the afternoon for the cooler weather and soft light of the 8-12 session. I also enjoyed hanging out with the kids and helping them make good photos!

Morning Glories

These look sweet on the desktop full-size!


^currently on my desktop

Texas grasses

Cactus bugs

"out in the field!"

Gardner snake

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Michelle Huber for Mayor