Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I was just out of the newsroom and on my way to the bus stop when I noticed several helicopters hanging above me. Not too long afterwords did I receive a phone call from the newsroom telling me there was a fire down the street. This was the first fire I covered, and shooting proved extra challenging in 40 degree weather without gloves. The two-story Marshall apartments on San Pedro and Marshall St. caught fire and were completely destroyed. People were trapped inside and many even jumped to escape the blaze, which was enormous due to the mostly wooden structure of the building. This was one of the more aesthetic buildings on San Pedro, and had a long business history. No fire photos are good photos, although my camera and nerves made it through extreme settings and the chaos that comes with such events.
The Ranger's coverage of the fires and published photos can be viewed at www.theranger.org

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