Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Break '08!!!

LONDON. IRELAND. WALES. I am sooo excited! This spring break might top last year when I traveled to Greece, an amazing trip. In memory of good times, here are some pics from Greece (all I could save from my broken* external HD). I've mapped everything out and will even have a little companion with me...a great idea that my friend suggested to me (Kate). Can't wait to share my best pics when I get back!


chonglingc said...

Didn't know you have this wonderful trip planned. Can't wait to see your trip photos. Enjoy your Spring Break Vacation!


Kate said...

OMG hells yeah.
I love your little lego guy, haha.
but remember...cheaters never prosper!

which is why I'm totally going to take a picture of "silly willy" in front of a map...haha