Friday, March 14, 2008


So I randomly decided to shoot a collection of flower pictures, whenever there were nice flowers. around. Here are all the photos I have taken so far. There were many possibilities for enhancing the roses, which one is your favorite?


Kate said...

definitely digging the 1st, 6th and 7th :] how'd you do the macro shot?

Tyler K. Cleveland said...

With my D80 equipped with an 18-135mm lens that satisfies...:) In addition to the lens, the flowers were placed in front of the window, which displayed light that reflected off of the fence outside (diffused-like). The flowers were given to my sister from my mom, since she will be here during spring break.

Anonymous said...

Great shots, show us how you do it some day. I like the first, 4th and last one.

Laurie said...

2-love it- soo mexico
7-that tear gives it such character- i like how you caught a little imperfection

Amy said...

Hey Tyler!
Love the blog name! I just saw it today for the first time and you are doing an awesome job. What beautiful photos! I think we need to do some family photos the next time we're all together.

I hope you're well!

Kate said...

pics are up pics are up pics are up

only part one, but still. pics are up. haha