Monday, March 7, 2011

The Beatles, brains and bambinos

Richard Turner, owner of Redbone Guitar Boutique, 4343 McCullough Ave., through a portrait of Paul McCartney in “The Beatles Cave,” a section named for a club the group performed in in their early days featuring memorabilia. From 9 a.m.-noon Sundays, Turner hosts “The Best of The Beatles With Richard Turner,” the longest-running show on ...KSYM 90.1 FM. He started the show in 1986 while attending RTF classes. Read more:
Pictures from a competition where six teams of faculty and students answered trivia questions for the title of "The Big Brain on Campus."

Trophies display a cartoon.

Martha Buchanan, student success professional in arts and sciences, waves a child's chair as she enters the stage Thursday, as part of team Mugwumps in Big Brain on Campus in McAllister Auditorium. Her team finished second of six teams.

Jeff Hunt, chair of theater and speech communictations, asks trivia questions.

English Professor Patricia Portales crosses out Sesos Pequenos from the score board after they were eliminated.

Economics Coordinator Bruce Norton watches the final moments of the competition with political science Chair Paul Wilson. Norton's team Entourage won the competition last fall.

Team Know-Nothings team members Tim Rockey, dean of continuing education and workforce development; John Visintainer, philosophy chair; Vernell Walker, dean of professional and technical education; Dr. Conrad Krueger, dean of arts and sciences, pose for a photo after winning the competition. Behind them, Nick Benedetto, administrative secretary for professional and technical education, lowers his head after his team, the Mugwumps, finished second two competitions in a row.

Bambinos at the rodeo!

Corey Verstraeten, 10, laughs as his friends, Tanner Bowman, 8, Sarah Haby, 11 and Tillman Haby, 11, play with the "Footsie Wootsie" foot massage chairs Feb. 8 at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo on the grounds of the AT&T Center. "We were given $5 and we turned it all into quarters," said Sarah, who, along with her cousins, is missing school to enter pigs for competition at the rodeo from Atascosa, Texas, southwest of San Antonio in Bexar County.

Bobby Salinas Jr., 9, holds his $60 rubber band gun Feb. 8, while listening to advice from Stephen Morris, who has hand-made the guns for more than 35 years at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. "He's earned it," said his dad, Bobby Salinas Sr., adding that his son wakes up at 6:30 a.m. everyday to help raise hogs for rodeo competition at their ranch in Mullin, Texas, 300 miles north of San Antonio.

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