Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome Autumn

The Autumnal Equinox took place at 3:30 a.m. today, when the sun completed its move southward to bring the northern hemisphere out of the heat, the southern hemisphere out from winter and into spring.

This fall holds the challenge of producing videos, slideshows and photos with on-location lighting for my news photography 2 and portraiture classes. The stories I'll tell may be the last in my work for The Ranger before transferring to a university in the Fall of 2011.

For three years now, the fall has meant hours spent hustling around the unlevel, brick-tiled ground of campus, my efforts to make better pictures than a semester or season before made worthwhile by the simple fact that I enjoy showing others what they may not have seen.

Grammy award-winning saxaphonist Joe Posada plays jazz flute to Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon" Sept. 10 in Loftin.

Officer M.C. Romero writes a ticket Monday as math freshman Esteban Lara moves his car from Lot 20 for faculty and staff. "We don't like to give tickets any more than they like to get them," Romero said. Monday was the first day tickets were issued this semester.

Josh Davis, three-time gold and two-time silver olympic medalist, at the Josh Davis Natatorium Monday on the Northeast Side, 12002 Jones-Maltsberger Road. Davis will speak about achieving success at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept.30, in McAllister Auditorium.

Kinesiology freshman Rueben Ortega is fed a lateral by business administration freshman Nathaniel Castro during 4v4 flag football Tuesday, sponsored by the office of student life, at San Pedro Park. Ortegas team, "Victorious Secret" won against "The Longhorns" 7-1 and competed to win iPod Shuffles.

Photographer Keith Carter walks across the stage while giving his lecture, "Autobiography in Fiction," Monday in McAllister. Carter said, "that our life stories are told by what ideas, places and beliefs we belong to."

English sophomore Emerald Travieso waits an hour in line Monday in the Engish Department Office to re-register after her classes were dropped, along with 2,400 other students. Education sophomore Stella Pina said that a frustrated student posted a notice instructing classmates to call Chancellor Bruce Leslie.

Faculty and staff toast Sept. 10, while counselor David Rodriguez's band "True Stories" plays at The Cove, 606 W. Cypress. It was the first time that faculty and staff celebrated "SAC Night."

Theatre sophomores Beatrice Ramos and "Z" Badillo carve styrofoam sculptures for the play "Waving Goodbye," which premiers at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 30 in McCreless Hall. The sculptures, which Romas and Badillo volunteered to work on for weeks, will be destroyed after the final performance, they said. A sculputure from last spring's "Amadeaus" hangs on the wall after they refused to destroy it for all the work they put into making it.

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