Thursday, September 9, 2010

21st Birthday List

I'm turning 21 soon (Oct. 10), so I thought I would make a birthday list, not for the sake of material desire, but to reflect on recent experiences that, in a way, acknowledge an increasing understanding of self, of who I am and what I hope to be for the future.


A succulent (for the home).

Both succulent and cactus, they are a vivid images of a Texas landscape I've grown up on. The often painful life that also flowers protection and empathy. The harsh reality of existence made beautiful by its impermanence. ;-)

Henry jams out at Paul's ranch in Yancey, Texas.


A watch

Childhood memories of an orange silicon-banded watch, probably themed by some Disney character like Aladin or Buzz Lightyear. The watch is also my refusal of existing by constant I-phone or cellular referral. Turn them off for a second. Enjoy uninterrupted silence that relies on listening, not transmitting; finding truth without googling it.

Fossil Chronograph Watch - $99. I believe it's been purchased already ;-)


Glass jars (cork or clamp)

I imagine myself storing various juices in these bottles, like a medicine man providing natural health for his children or loved ones. I like that idea. ;-)

$5-7 at Hobby Lobby


A second Super Nintendo controller and Super Mario Kart.

Dug up from the grave of garage storage, my Super Nintendo is running again! Thanks to Henry providing lost cords, I can finally enjoy games like F-Zero, Zelda: A link to the past and Pilot Wings. However, a second controller is needed for some awesome two-player gaming like Super Mario Kart!

Game is $10 and a controller is $1.50


Texas birds book.

Every time Megan and I see a bird we can't recognize, we want to know what it is. National Geographic makes a great Texas Birds book (available through Amazon).


iTunes giftcard.

Since hearing segments on NPR about Stewart Copeland and his writings for The Police, I've been itching for some of their best hits. Henry plays songs I've never heard before in his car which provides relief ;-)


Glass clip frames.

Any number or combination of 16x20, 8x10, 4x6 and 5x7 frames to be filled with memories and placed on my wall. They are relatively inexpensive and can be found at Michael's with coupons available (it's a non-sale, regular priced item)

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