Friday, August 21, 2009


I took a fourteen-day, four thousand-mile road trip across North America to Canada, with my buddies Matt Hect and Nathan Pugh, staying a night at Matt's uncle's house in Chicago on the way. We ate excessively while in Chicago; Matt's uncle Chuck is a chef who knows how to make a five-star biscuits & gravy. We crossed the border and drove about ten hours to Matt's granddad's house on the lake in Perth, Canada, about an hour's drive from Ottawa. We stayed the night and drove to Matt's aunt's cabin on the lake in Carleton Place, fishing and catching Bass for two nights before going to Ottawa, where we stayed at the Backpacker's Inn Hostel for three nights. Highlights from Ottawa include a ridiculous amount of beautiful women, meeting really cool people from all over the world, staying up all night talking, zip-lining on a forest obstacle course, and listening/jamming with a Hungarian band! From Ottawa we decided to return to Carleton Place for free meals and beds, driving to Montreal on the French side (Quebec) that next day. Montreal deserved more than a two night stay, although we saw beautiful sights in Notre Dame and of the city from Mont Royal, a little mountain we literally scaled before coming back to the hostel for a night out with the Ausies. We left Montreal, stayed in Carleton Place one last night, Perth another night, and on our way back 30 hours straight to San Antonio that morning. Best trip of my lifetime thus far!

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