Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Final Exam Portraits - Griselda Lourdes

Alamo-Fiesta owner Griselda Lourdes poses with a skull sculpture Tuesday May 5. After her mother Consuelo Perez de Cortes died of a heart attack the same hour her brother Juan Luis Cortes was married, Lourdes left Mexico to help her oldest brother Gerardo Cortes through a depression. The skull symbolizes the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertes, a festive celebration that honors dead family members, reminding Lourdes of happier times as a child when her father Juan Cortes I would make candy on November 1 until he died when Lourdes was 23.

Griselda Lourdes talks with a customer on the phone at her shop Alamo-Fiesta on E. Ashby and N. Main Ave Tuesday, May 5. She and her son have owned the shop for seventeen years, which is inside a house built in 1905.

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