Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jeff Corwin Visits SAC

I had a blast shooting Jeff Corwin (from Animal Planet) at my school last week. Had fun meeting him in person and laughing with the audience during the performance.

Sell-out crowd

Holding her stuffed-animal snakes, Linbsey Kastner, 5, and her mom Amy Kastner, enter McCallister Auditorium befor seeing Jeff Corwin on Friday, Feb 27. Calling herself Jeff Corwin's biggest fan, Kastner's said snakes are her favorite animal.

Jasmine Brown, 10, tries to stay dry as a Cane Toad unexpectedly pees in the hands of Jeff Corwin

Andrew Esteves, 14, gestures for the crowd to be quiet while Jeff Corwin and herpetologist Michael Ralbovsky bring out a water monitor lizard to surprise him.

Sebastian Gilbert, 6, hoists the tail of an eight-foot American Alligator

Elementary education sophomore Celia Ramirez braces herself as Jeff Corwin and herpetologist Michael Ralbovsky lower an albino Burmese Python into her arms in McCallister on Friday, Feb 27. Native to southeast asia, the Burmese Python is one of the largest snakes in the world. Although the snake fears humans, Corwin reminded the audience of its strength of constricting and swalling man-sized prey.

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