Sunday, February 22, 2009

girl scout cookies are here!

Yes! They finally came, and we didn't get just one box...

Girl scout cookies are too good to resist, and my Mom couldn't resist buying a whole box full of almost every kind. And since I've been in the mood of preserving family tradition, a few shots of the cookies never hurts! These little beauties of sugary goodness represent just another American past-time of eating what tastes good (in moderation? probably not...) I'll just think on the brighter side and let these cookies NOT represent the new American tradition of diabetes.

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kate said... tyler I didn't realize that I hadn't put your blog in my google reader so I just assumed that you hadn't updated in awhile. i just saw all your pictures from this semester and they are beyond are such a photojournalist, it's not even funny. all of your pictures look like something straight out of the newspaper. congratulations :]