Friday, January 23, 2009

MLK March 2009

Had a blast covering the Martin Luther King Jr. March in San Antonio on Monday, Jan. 19. The weather was beautiful, unlike the previous three years. I met up with the other photographers/reporters beforehand and took off at 8 a.m. The 2.8 mile march held more than 100,000 people, making it the largest MLK commemoration in the nation. Just trying to anticipate where my best photos were and how to shoot them made it my most challenging assignment yet. Made out with some decent ones though, and I'll be going back next year with good experience.

Mayor hopeful Diane Cibrian (second from left) and current mayor of San Antonio Phil Hardberger, escorted by chief of police William MacManus, lead the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day March on Monday, Jan. 19.

Fredrick Starks (from left) and Sean John Barksdale of Ft. Sam Houston Church sing the gospel praise song, "Mind Staying On Jesus."

J.C. sells t-shirts during the Martin Luther King Jr. March. J.C., who has sold shirts for ten years, knew that since Obama became the first African American President, the demand for shirts would be greater this year. The shirt states Obama as the "King of the United States of America."

Sydney Wallace, 5, has her arms spread while riding on the shoulders of Kevin Abrams during the Martin Luther King Jr. March. Abrams says he marches "to celebrate and preserve the efforts of freedom, to make things better for the little ones." Wallace experienced the march for her first time in the 24 year history of the commemoration.

Melissa - Biggest help to the Ranger Staff

Christian Larson (from left), 7, and his sister Victoria Larson, 11, climb higher to watch the march from the I-10 East bridge

March Marshall Mike Nevles hands out watter to those passing by at the Martin Luther King Jr. March. The Martin Luther King Commission of San Antonio helps to organize the march each year. The theme for this year's commemoration was "Education: March from Dream to Reality."

Iris Medina, 8, along with her two younger sisters Isabela, 5, and Iliana Medina, 6, wave to participants from the front yard of their home on the corner of S. Rio Grande and Martin Luther King St.

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