Monday, October 13, 2008

Picture Your World

It's always fun to get out and take some nature photos, especially out on a ranch in great Texas fall weather. I attended a nature-photography workshop with Bexar Land Trust last Sunday morning, skipping the bigger kids session in the afternoon for the cooler weather and soft light of the 8-12 session. I also enjoyed hanging out with the kids and helping them make good photos!

Morning Glories

These look sweet on the desktop full-size!


^currently on my desktop

Texas grasses

Cactus bugs

"out in the field!"

Gardner snake


Amy said...

Awesome Ty! I needed a new desktop background. Thanks for sharing!

Megan said...

i love your pictures, i often set them as my laptop background

William Luther said...

Nice work from the Land Trust. I like that you decided to go early when the light was good in stead of later n the day. It made the pictures look really nice.

Keep up the good work.