Friday, August 8, 2008

Kaiti's Going Away Party

Kaiti Cook's going-to-college party was on Sunday earlier this week. Everyone had a great time out in New Braunfels at Landa Park. The pool there is great and they have an awesome atmosphere, perfect for taking good photos! Well, I had an awesome time and best wishes to Kaiti these next few months! A quick note on the pics, one thing I've noticed is that my images lose a lot of color (yellows and reds) when imported, thus making them very, well, dull. It's not the first time i've noticed it and I don't know of any way to fix it since it's essentially web color limitations.

Remember Kaiti Cook?

eating fruit roll-ups!

I was waiting for the splash, he just stopped at the end and looked up!

I need some features for my portfolio! (even though these is somewhat poor on the context level)

The girls

Eating those addictive grahams

playing some sand soccer

J.R., or mr. Reynolds as I call him

quack quack

The out-of-focus turtle!

By Willis^++

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