Tuesday, July 15, 2008

South Padre

Here are some of my favorites from my trip to S. Padre last week-end.

The oceans at South Padre are gorgeous compared to Corpus...no jelly fish, just crystal clear water and a sand bar to hit waves! Best summer trip I've had in awhile...

Cows at 6:30 Am


The longest road ever. seriously.

Matt being Matt


What else could I do?

She was actually nice and laughed


Robby L Photography said...

I went to barnes and noble and i found a book. it's called How to capture portraits. It just tells you about angles and poses and a bunch of stuff like that. It's really helpful. Thanks for all the tips. Hope everything is going good with your photogrpahy!

Kate said...

you are SUCH a photojournalist.
[that's a good thing]

Robby L Photography said...

So you like the new one??
I shouldn't change it..?

go ahead and email me