Saturday, June 14, 2008

Graduation Day

It was really fun seeing everyone at the family reunion this week-end, and at graduation Thursday. We went to Augie's for lunch (a really good BBQ restaurant) and took a walk around Sunken Gardens. The best part was seeing my sister Laurie with her husband Erich, and their soon-to-be baby.

Mi hermanas

The whole family

At Sunken Gardens


Laurie took this one


Kate said...

the sunken gardens are so cool.
I love that first picture of you on the bridge...
& the scarf pic, and the bricks w/ initials...ohh & the lake pictures are gorgeous.

so many to look through, I haven't been to your blog in a while! they look awesome.

call me if you ever want to take pictures. I found a couple new spots downtown that I'm waiting to try out on someone :]

Molly said...

You're quite the little photographer huh? I'll put you on my list of assistants. The best thing is that you have passion. I love the leaf photographs at the sunken gardens- they remind me of Edward Weston- you ever seen his work? Look it up. Sam Abell quote? Wow- you're cooler than I thought!!

Robby L Photography said...

these are nice!
this is where i saw you there at the sunken gardens.
i got my pictures up from there.
go take a look!
tell me what you think.

Laurie said...

good shots tyler! good times : )
i like the one of lisa and myself pooching out the bellies.