Monday, April 21, 2008

Andre, bridges, cows, and camera

I had the opportunity to take my goodfriend Andre's pictures, at least a few before he gets his hair cut tomorrow. It seems like forever since I really picked up the cam to shoot anything, especially something as fun (and often challenging) as portraiture. I led Andre to a random bridge (and a flooded ditch) that had just what I needed to make some pictures. The biggest plus was having Andre as a subject, considering I practically had all the work done for me. Thanks again to one of my photogenic friends in allowing me a brief session on the side of the road!


Chong-Ling said...

Good portraits!
Have you received camera from your Uncle Tom? Will you be able to use it?

Laurie said...

yikes, it looks like there are bears behind him in the last photo...
good shots! he has a good smile and great hair