Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This was one of my first photographs, taken aboard a cruise line traveling towards Athens, Greece. As the sun set across the Aegean Sea, my eyes were captivated by the scene; I wanted to capture the moment forever. It took me about 20 exposures from my first digital camera, a compact Pentax A10 that served as the catalyst for my growth and passion for photography. Although I didn't realize it then, my determination to capture the moment as it existed in my own eyes would forever reflect my perspective of photography as an art, gift, love, and lifestyle.
Since then, I have viewed each new day as an opportunity to grow and change, to discover and learn new things, to live for every moment and follow my dreams.


Kate said...

hey tyler, I love your blog! i'm glad you decided to get one :]

ps: greece!!!!

elizabethrojo said...

this is beautiful tyler,
you not only have a beautiful talent with photography, but some of your writing is amazing as well....

Anonymous said...
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